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$60 Gift Certificate
Acai Fruit & Sugar Body Polish-luscious smooth skin
Acai Polishing Gel Facial Cleanser -create fresh clear skin daily
Accessories & Tools
Aching Ear Oil
Active B Complex
ACZ Nano Advanced Cellular Zeolite 2 oz
Air Fresh Room Mist
Alert Diffusion Blend ~ peppermint with a twist
Alfalfa Leaves 405 mg
Alive! Organic Vitamin C Powder
All Natural Whey Vanilla
Almond Orange Fusion Facial Cleanser - exfoliate & refine
Amino Acids
AMNI Infla-Guard
Androgyni Natural Perfume - enhance your own essence
Arthur Andrew Devigest ADS
Ashwagandha Liquid Phyto Caps
Astragalus 470 mg
Autumn Jazz Diffusion Blend ~ warm & welcoming
Autumn Jazz Room Mist
Awake Bath Salt
Awake Body & Bath Oil
Awake Body Creme
Awake Body Wash
Awake Personal Mist
Awake Room & Linen Mist
B-6 Complex
Baby Bottom Balm 50mls
Baby Bottom Powder 60gms
Baby Bottom Wash 100mls
Baby Sooth Herbal Infusion Blend
Bacopa monniera 200 mg
Balance ~ supports adrenals and brings strength
Basil, Sweet ct linalool
Bath Salts
Bath Therapy Salts - for at home water therapy
Bed Bug Free Zone ~ diffuse this to deter these pests
Belly Butter 50mls
Belly Calm Massage Oil
Bergamot, certified organic
Berkana Aromatics~ Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2 Extracts, Hydrosols
Berkana Herbals~ Extracts, Synergies, Infusions
BerkanaBaby Bath Wash
BerkanaBaby Massage Oil
BerkanaBirth BerkanaBaby BerkanaKid
BerkanaKare Basic System Pack
BerkanaKare Botanical Facial Care
BerkanaKare Botanical Skin Care
BerkanaKare Botanical Skin Care ~ Body Care
BerkanaKare Gut Therapy Caps
BerkanaKare Healthy Skincare Consultation
BerkanaKare Kid's System Pack
BerkanaKare System Packs
BioGenesis Alpha R-Lipoic Acid 50 mg 60 vcaps
BioGenesis Bio-Adaptogen Ultra
BioInflammatory Plus
Body & Bath Oil
Body Creme
Body Roll-Ons - creating positive responses to enhance daily life
Body Wash
Boo-Boo Balm 50mls
Boswellia AKBA
Botanical Body Care
Breast Massage Oil
Calcium/Magnesium (citrate/malate)
Calm & Centered Mist 120mls
Calm Bath Salt
Calm Body & Bath Oil
Calm Body Creme
Calm Body Wash
Calm Personal Mist
Calm Room & Linen Mist
Calm Space Room Mist 120mls
Cardamom CO2 Select
Carrot Seed
Carrotseed Balancing Facial Serum - balance skin hormones & promote cell regeneration
Cat's Claw 500mg
Cedarwood, Atlas
Chamomile, German
Chamomile, Roman
Chamomile, Roman ~ soothes inflamed & sensitive skin
Cherry Creme Facial Cleanser - gently remove all make-up
Chrysalis Night Nourishing Facial Serum - let youthful skin emerge
Cinnamon Bark certified organic
Clary Sage, High Sclareol
Clinical Massage, 1 Hour
Clinical Nutrients™ Prenatal Formula
Clove, Super certified organic
Conscious Harmony Herbal Infusion
Coriander CO2, Select
Curcumin 500 with Bioperine®
Curcumin Plus
Custom Healthy Skin Facial with BerkanaKare Botanical Skin Care
Cypress, wild
DaVinci Labs Liposomal DHEA Spray
Davinci Labs Thyroid Basics
Deep Sea Rejuvenating Facial Masque - detoxify, rejuvenate & strengthen skin
Deep Sea Release Salt Body Polish- revitalize yourself!
Designs for Health FemGuard+Balance
Designs for Health Inositol Powder
Designs for Health OmegAvail Synergy TG 90 gels
DGL Chewable Licorice
Diffusion Essential Oil Blends
Digestive Herbal Infusion Blend -alleviate common complaints
Douglas Labs DL-Pheine™ 500 mg
Douglas labs N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 750mg
Dr.'s Advantage Liquid Glucosamine 1500 Chondroitin-MSM
Dream Bath Salt
Dream Body & Bath Oil
Dream Body Creme
Dream Body Wash
Dream Personal Mist
Dream Room & Linen Mist
Easy Living Diffusion Blend ~ fresh & uplifting
Easy Living Room Mist
Ecological Formulas Resbid N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (Timed Rel) 60cap
EczeGel - relieve eczema inflammation & improve skin integrity
Elder Power Immune Support
Eleuthero 0.8% E&B 250 mg
Enrich Herbal Infusion Blend
Essential Oils
Essential Oils A-D
Essential Oils E-K
Essential Oils L-Q
Essential Oils R-Z
Eucalyptus, Globulus, unrectified, certified organic
Eucalyptus, radiata
Facial Care Phase I: Cleanse
Facial Care Phase II: Tone
Facial Care Phase III: Moisturize
Facial Serum, Custom
Femineral Herbal Infusion Blend - meet your mineral needs
Fennel Toning Eye Creme - promote a toned, smooth eye area
FibroGel Topical Pain Gel- relieve fibromyalgia pain
Fir, Douglas, wild
Flush-Free Niacin 500 mg
Foam Pump Bottles
Foraha Hair & Scalp Rejuvenating Treatment - encourage beautiful hair & a healthy scalp
Frankincense, frereana
Fresh Foot Powder - pep up your feet
Gaia Herbs Rejuve Gentle Daily Fiber 110 gms
Genova Research Stabilized Bio-Enhanced R-Lipoic Acid 300mg
Geranium, Rose, wild
Germ Free Zone Diffusion Blend ~ pleasing germ killer
Gift Certificates
Ginger, Fresh Golden
Goldenrod Extract
Good Day Herbal Infusion Blend - turn your day around
Grapefruit, Red
Green Cosmo PET bottles with spray mist top
Green Peace Room Mist
Grow Big & Strong Herbal Infusion Blend
Grow Big & Strong Herbal Infusion Blend - a kid favorite
Happy Feet Healing Butter - the attention they deserve
Happy Tummy Mist
Harmony Pure Plant Synergies
Hawthorn Pro
Health Concerns Astra 8
Healthy Room Mists
Helichrysum Sensitive Nourishing Facial Serum - arrest allergic reactions & sooth inflamed skin
Hemp Healing Hands Butter - luscious healing
HempStart Botanical Morning Mix - jumpstart a powerful day
Herbal Extracts
Herbal Foaming Facial Cleanser - controls oil, sebum & bacteria
Herbal Interlude Facial Steam - relaxing skin & mind to enhance rejuvenation
Herbal Synergies
Herbal Tea Infusion Blends
Hidradenitis Supporativa Ointment
Hot Plants™ for Her
Hypnotherapy, 1 Hour
Hyssop, decumbens
Inner Strength Herbal Infusion Blend
Inner Strength Herbal Infusion Blend - tasty pregnancy support
Inspire Bath Salt
Inspire Body & Bath Oil
Inspire Body Creme
Inspire Body Wash
Inspire Personal Mist
Inspire Room & Linen Mist
Integrative Therapeutics Blue Heron 120cap
Integrative Therapeutics Learner's Edge
Integrative Therapeutics NutriVitamin Enzyme Comp™w/Iron
Integrative Therapeutics PureKids
Integrative Therapeutics SLF Forte 120cap
Intensive Nutrition r-Lipoic Acid 100mg 60vcap
iRestore Serum Eye Contour Treatment - intense anti-aging eye contour treatment
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
Jasmine Soothing Oil 5mls
Juniper Berry, wild
Karuna GastroCare 100 chewable tabs
Kava Kava
Kicker Chai Herbal Infusion Blend - warming & energizing
Kid's Massage Oil
Kid's Mild Bath Wash
Kinder Zone Diffusion Blend ~ protect the children
Klaire Lab's Taurine 500mg
Klaire Labs ABx Support 28vcap
Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete
Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Women's Form 60 vcaps
Klaire Labs Vital-Zymes Complete
Kryptopyrrole (Pyrroles/HPL) urine test
L-Carnitine 250mg
Laurel Leaf
Lavender ~ fights pathogenic bacteria
Lavender, certified organic
Lemon Balm Inspirit Hand Lotion - uplifting encounter
Lemon Balm Lip Aid - halt herpes now
Lemon Dream Bug Beater - DEET free
Lemon Myrtle
Lichen Sclerosus Salve - relieve inflammation & improve skin integrity
Life Guard Multi Vitamin/Mineral
Lime, Persian
Litsea Cubeba
Liver Spleen Support
Liver Support
Lugol's Iodine 2%
Luscious Lip Balms - zippy mint, citrus splash, chili hot & simply
Magnesium Glycinate 100mg
Magnesium Malate 180mg
Male Vitality Herbal Infusion Blend - potent support
Mandarin, Red
Mango Plum Restorative Night Facial Creme - replenish & rejuvenate
Marjoram, Sweet
Meditate Bath Salt
Meditate Body & Bath Oil
Meditate Body Creme
Meditate Body Wash
Meditate Personal Mist
Meditate Room & Linen Mist
Men's Nutrients
Metabolic Maintenance 5-HTP 100mg
Metabolic Maintenance In- Gear 138gms
Metabolic Response Modifier Bone Maximizer III
Micellized Vitamin A
Milk Thistle 300mg
Monarda, wild
Montiff L-Glutathione Reduced with Setria
Moonflower Body Frosting - delicious indulgence
Myrrh, Dark, wild
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 600mg
Naturopathic Consultation Initial- Senior Discount
Naturopathic Consultation, 30 minute follow-up
Naturopathic Consultation, 30 minute follow-up, Senior Discount
Naturopathic Consultation, 45 minute follow-up
Naturopathic Consultation, 45minute follow-up, Senior Discount
Naturopathic Consultation, 60 minute follow-up
Naturopathic Consultation, Initial
Neesby Mycopryl 680 100cap
Nemesis Hair Inhibitor Liquid Applicator
Nemisis Hair Inhibitor - decrease the appearance of unwanted hair
Niacinamide 500mg
Niaouli MQV, certified organic
Nutrient 950
Office Visits
Olive Leaf Extract 500mg
Olive Leaf Extract 500mg
Orange, Wild
P-5-P Plus with Magnesium
P5P50 (activated B-6)
Pain Erase Roll-on - extra strength formula
Palmarosa, certified organic
Pantothenic Acid 250 mg
Pantothenic Acid 500mg
Patchouli, Dark
Peppermint Linament
Peppermint, Premium, unrectified
Perimenopause Flash Support
Perimenopause Hormone Balance Support
Perimenopause Sleep Support
Personal Mist
Pharmax Adrenal Support
Pharmax Caprylate Complex
Pharmax HLC Child Tabs
Pharmax HLC High Potency
Pharmax HLC High Potency Powder 120 gms
Pharmax HLC Intensive Capsules
Pharmax HLC Maintenance 60cap
Pharmax HLC Mindlinx
Pharmax Permeability Complex I
Pharmax Pure CoQ10 120mg
Phototherapy with 660nm Red LED Lights
Pine, wild
Pioneer CoQ10 Complex 60mg 30vcap
Pioneer Glucosamine Chondroitin Complex
PlantarGel Topical Pain Gel - relieve plantar fasciitis pain
Pocket Diffusers
Post Partum Compress 100mls
Professional Supplements
Progressive Labs Trans Resveratrol w/Quercetin
Protocol For Life Balance Aller-All
Protocol for Life Balance CoQ10 200 mg
Protocol for Life Balance MSM Bio-Available Sulfur 1000mg
Protocol for Life Balance Progesterone Cream Pump
Protocol for Life Balance Slimaluma Plus 60vcap
Psoriasis Bio-Active Serum
Pure Encapsulations AI Enzymes
Pure Encapsulations Inositol Powder
Pure Encapsulations Isoquercetin w/Bioperine
Pure Encapsulations L-Tryptophan 500mg
Pure Encapsulations LVR Formula
Pure Encapsulations Neuromins 200mg 60gel
Purifying Plants Facial Steam Synergy - enhance circulation & deep-clean pores
Quercetin-Bromelain Complex
R-Lipoic Acid 50 mg
Ravensara, Select, certified organic
Refresh Diffusion Blend ~ light & energizing
Reiki, 1 Hour
Release Diffusion Blend ~ support & let go
Respiratory Relief - clear & disinfect sinuses & upper respiratory tract
Restore Bath Salt
Restore Body & Bath Oil
Restore Body Creme
Restore Body Wash
Restore Personal Mist
Restore Room & Linen Mist
Rhassoul Clay Facial Masque - create a personalized healing masque
Rhodiola Pro
RNA ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver 2oz
RNA Total Body Detox Kit #1 2 items
Room & Linen Mists
Rose Aloe Balancing Facial Toner - normalizes pH & balances skin tone
Rose Grains Facial Cleansing Scrub -cleanse, exfoliate & nourish in one step
Rose Protective Day Facial Creme - protects skin & provides a smooth make-up palette
Rose ~ balances hormonal skin
Rosehip Hi-C Herbal Infusion Blend - deliciously healthy
Rosemary ct cineole
Rosemary ct verbenone ~ accelerates cellular regeneration
Rosemary ct verbenone, certified organic
Rosemary Scalp Stimulator Synergy - for a revitalizing massage
Rx Vitamins GES-5 60chew
Saccharomyces Boulardii
SciatiGel Topical Pain Gel- relieve sciatica pain
Scrapes & Tumbles Balm
Selenium Cruciferate 200 mcg
Silver Body Deodorant - effective natural odor control
Simply Hand & Body Lotion - add your own essential oils
Solstice Room Mist
Spice Trade Room Mist
Spikenard, Green
Spot Therapy - pimple treatment
Spruce, Black, wild
Sunflower Body Frosting
Sunflower Body Frosting - sweet body moisturizer
Sweet Citrus Diffusion Blend ~ bright & pure
Systemic Enzyme Complex
Tea Tree, Australian, Premium
Ther-Biotic Detox Support
Thyme Astringent Facial Serum -control sebum production & bacteria
Thyme ct linalool
Thyme ct thujanol
ThyroGel - balance hypothyroidism with pure essential oils
Tick Off - safe and effective repellant
Tyler Similase GFCF
Ultra Minerals for Life
Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Atomizer
Undiluted Essential Oil Synergies
Venuceane Urban Skin Protection Facial Toner - protect skin from pollutants
Vera Mimosa Deliciosa Body Creme - crisp & sophisticated
Violet Hydrating Facial Toner - repairs dry & damaged skin
Vital Guard Therapy Massage, 1 Hour
Vitamin C & Non-Citrus Bioflavonoids
Vitamin D Supreme w Vit K1, K2
Vitamin E Succinate 400 iu
Vitamins & Minerals
Well Wisdom GlutImmune 300gms
Well Wisdom RenewPro (Naturally Flavored)
Wellesley Therapeutics Ultimate Glucosamine NAG 60gms
Willow Detoxifying Facial Toner - heals blemishes & prevents acne breakouts
Women Over 40 Multi
Yarrow Astringent Facial Toner - controls oil & shrinks pores
Yarrow/Goldenrod Extract
Ylang Ylang, Complete, certified organic
Zinc Picolinate 25mg
Zinc Picolinate 50mg
Zinlori 75
ZN-50 Zinc Gluconate 50mg