Frankincense, frereana

Frankincense, frereana
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Latin Name: frankincense frereana

Plant Part: resin

Method of Production: hydrodistillation

Class: monoterpene

Country of Origin: Somalia

Rating Code: PF

The sought after and esteemed “King of Frankincense”, Maydi, or Frankincense Frereana, also known as Coptic Frankincense, is much rarer than B. Sacra/Carterii and only grows abundantly in Somalia and neighboring Somaliland with a smattering of trees east to Kenya and perhaps west to Yemen. It is coveted in Arabian countries as a special occasion incense and medicine. We in the west are the last to see it due to its extraordinary value in the East.

This variety has a delightful fruity, woody, expansive scent.

Dimensions of Frankincense:

Aligns with the spiritual, used to call upon the divine. Active on the pituitary gland. It is a strong immune stimulant and is useful in asthma and depression. It is also considered anti-tumor. Valuable in perfume blends.

a. Scentsation: This variety has a delightful fruity, woody, expansive scent.

b. Physical Healing: tonic, stimulant, expectorant, cicatrisive, pectoral, antidepressant, antiseptic

c. Emotional Healing: to induce feelings of emotional stability, enlightenment, protection, introspection, courage, resolution, fortitude, acceptance and inspiration