Harmony Pure Plant Synergies

Evoke A Change Of Consciousness!

Create a nurturing aromatic experience at home using our Harmony Pure Plant Synergies expertly infused into our exceptional line of truly natural and genuinely healthy body care products.

Choose Bath Salts, Body Wash, Body & Bath Oil, Body Crème, Room & Linen Mist, or Personal Mist to “Evoke a Change of Consciousness”!

Awake - An Uplifting Synergy- awakens the spirit, invigorates the mind

Calm - A Relaxing Synergy- quiets the spirit, restores vital energy

Dream - A Restful Synergy- prepares the mind & body for sleep

Inspire - An Invigorating Synergy- stimulates creativity, increases concentration

Meditate - A Balancing Synergy- supports tranquility, focuses introspection

Restore - An Anti-Inflammatory & Tonic Synergy- alleviates pain & tension, strengthens the whole

Simply - Invoke Potential- create your own blend of our pure essential oils and add it to our Simply Pure Plant Bases

Many body care products use words like “natural” or “organic” but have included known toxins in the formulas. Some companies get around this by not having the entire ingredient list readily available, mentioning only the ingredients they are proud of and sweeping the rest under the carpet. At BerkanaWay we believe in stepping outside the box and into a new paradigm with our products.

They are professionally formulated and passionately created with your whole health in mind and to maximize the potential of the plants contained within them by Jennifer Echert, Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Aromatherapist.

They feature certified organic plant extracts that act as catalysts to influence your whole being so healing takes place on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our Harmony Pure Plant Synergy Collection will assist you to “Evoke a Change of Consciousness”! It is an exceptional line of truly natural and genuinely healthy body care products designed to specifically address the needs of conscious customers. Our products are free of proven toxins with a full disclosure of all the ingredients so you can care for yourself without using products that are hazardous to yourself or our planet.

We want to give you the choice to use our wonderful fresh, vital products and realize your fullest potential!