Room & Linen Mists

Our lives are often hectic with days and weeks simply evaporating. When did you take your last deep breath?

Harmony Pure Plant Synergies give you a good reason to stop and breathe. They are a great way to get a quick healthy boost of concentration (Inspire); focus and center ourselves (Meditate); refresh the spirit (Awake); deepen relaxation (Calm or Dream).

These non-aerosol Room & Linen Mists are simply unique. They do not contain petrochemicals or polluting propellants - making them safe for the environment and your lungs.

Suggested Uses:

*Mist any room to induce a spa experience or to change the energy or mood.

*Mist into the shower for an enveloping aroma experience.

*Keep one near odor areas such as sinks, wastebaskets, bathrooms, even your car!

Formula includes: distilled water; *caprylyl capryl glucoside (Plantasol CCG); 100% pure essential oils. *certified organic or wildcrafted.