Lemon Balm Lip Aid - halt herpes now

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Lemon Balm Lip Aid ~ Halt Herpes Now

This naturally medicated lip balm is carefully formulated to address the Herpes virus that causes the unsightly and painful eruptions known as cold sores. Synergizing the scientifically researched pure essential oil of Melissa, commonly known as Lemon Balm, Licorice extract and Calendula CO2 with rich, penetrating pure vegetable oils creates this highly effective healing balm.

Apply hourly when you feel the tingling of an impending eruption begin. Melissa has been shown to protect new cells from future infection, so daily use is advisable if you’re susceptible.

Formula includes: vegetable oils of *coconut, shea butter, *jojoba, *hemp, meadowfoam, *castor; unrefined beeswax; stevia; *licorice extract; vegetable glycerine; 100% pure essential oil blend including *true melissa officinalis and *wild commiphora myrhha. *wild or certified organic.

Vegetarian Formula

Packaged in plastic lip balm tubes.