Violet Hydrating Facial Toner - repairs dry & damaged skin

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Violet Hydrating Facial Toner ~ repairs dry & damaged skin

This moisturizing toner is very soothing for any dry or damaged skin. It may be used as a moisturizer alone for oily complexions. Use whenever your skin needs a moisturizing boost.

Other ways customers have told me they used this is applying a small amount to the ends of damp hair to protect from styling heat, and using as a soothing hemmorhoid compress.

Shake product gently before using. Spritz it directly onto a freshly cleansed face and neck, closing eyes. Or saturate a cotton pad and use to lightly cleanse skin. Please follow with the appropriate facial cream or oil.

Formula includes: Aqueous extracts of *marshmallow root, *nettle leaf, *rose petals, *rosehips and *violet leaf; *aloe vera juice; vegetable glycerin; niacinamide 2% (vitamin B3); panthenol 2%; 100% pure essential oils of *lavendula angustifolia and *pelargonium roseum; flower and gem essences; Tinosan(citric acid, silver nitrate). *wild or certified organic

Vegan Formula

Packaged in glass bottle with spray mist top.