FibroGel Topical Pain Gel- relieve fibromyalgia pain

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This unique massage gel is a precise herbal formulation that naturally relieves pain and inflammation associated with Fibromyalgia when used on a regular basis.

I formulated FibroGel to contain therapuetic quantities of natural plant extracts and essential oils with pain and inflammation relieving components proven in clinical studies.

Key Ingredients

*Plai: a unique essential oil traditionally used in Thai medicine for aches and pains, inflammations, joint problems, muscle spasms, sprains and strains, torn muscles and ligaments. It has proven analgesic effect and is also anti-neuralgic and anti-inflammatory.

*Lemongrass: Contains Myrcene, a chemical that acts as a sit-specific pain reliever. It is also anti-inflammatory.

*Black Pepper: Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and increases circulation to carry away toxins and bring healing.

Nutmeg & Ylang Ylang: These two oils work on both the physical body and the emotional body to relieve inflammation and ease stress.

Blended into a clean vegan gel base that absorbs without leaving residue. Massage 2 or more times daily into affected areas.

Formula contains: purified H2O, *St. Johnís Wort extract; 100% pure essential oils of *Plai,*Lemongrass, *Black Pepper,*Nutmeg,*Ylang Ylang,*Helichrysum; CO2 extracts of St. John's Wort & Arnica; Polysorb20; Xanthan gum; NatraThik(tapioca starch)*wild or certified organic.

Packaged in a 60ml green PET bottle with treatment pump top.