Rose Grains Facial Cleansing Scrub -cleanse, exfoliate & nourish in one step

Rose Grains Facial Cleansing Scrub -cleanse, exfoliate & nourish in one step
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Rose Grains Facial Cleansing Scrub - cleanse, exfoliate & nourish in one step

An extremely gentle yet effective fine exfoliator, Rose Grains Facial Scrub may be used 2-3 times per week to keep skin fresh and even in tone. You may choose to leave it on the skin for a few extra minutes as a masque to detoxify and nourish on a deeper level.

I formulated Rose Grains on a basic recipe that Rosemary Gladstar originally produced using grains, seeds and nuts. This combination soothes the skin with oats during the exfoliation process and nourishes it with the essential fatty acids found in the almonds and sunflower seeds. The addition of rose petals, cloves and orange peel detoxifies and balances skin tone.

Appropriate for all skin types.

Key Ingredients

*French Red Clay

*Almonds & Sunflower seeds


Place a teaspoon of scrub in palm and add hydrosol or water to achieve desired consistency. Gently massage face and neck avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly and follow with appropriate toner and moisturizer. To use as a masque, leave scrub on face for 10-20minutes, then rinse thoroughly and continue with regimen.

Formula includes: French Red Clay; *Almond kernels; *Sunflower seeds; *Oats; *Rose petals; *Clove buds; *Orange peel. *wild or certified organic