Monarda, wild

Monarda, wild
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Latin Name: monarda fistulosa

Method of Production: steam distillation

Plant Part: flowering top

Country of Origin: Canada

Rating Code: W

Distilled from native wild crafted monarda fistulosa (Bee Balm) flowers, this oil is a very effective anti-microbial. The common name of Bee Balm comes from the fact that it is a favorite to the local bees. Historically this plant has been used by North American natives to treat infectious conditions due to it's high level of thymol, much as Oregano and Thyme were used in Europe.

This oil is sweet and floral with very light fruity notes and an herbaceous impact. The scent is fabulous and helps to make any blend a little sweeter without being overbearing or feminine.

Dimensions of Monarda:

A gentle yet powerful anti-infectious agent similar to Thyme ct linalool with the added benefit of being very calming and helpful in situations of anxiety and nervous tension.

Blends with:

Sandalwood and the other base notes, as well as other floral notes, especially Neroli.