Allergy Research Group Vitamin E Succinate 400 iu

Vitamin E Succinate 400 iu
Vitamin E Succinate 400 iu
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Vitamin E Succinate 400 iu

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E (natural, d-alpha) 400 IU, Succinate 73 mg

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, 1 or 2 caps daily with meals, or as directed by a health practioner.

CAUTION: Source materials include Soy.**THIS IS A DRY FORM OF VITAMIN E.

Vitamin E Succinate takes vitamin E's antioxidant action a step further. Succinate feeds directly into the Krebs cycle, our major metabolic pathway for generating energy. This extra dimension from succinate significantly extends the protective properties of Vitamin E. Then why not have E as succinate in all antioxidant formulations? Because it is not strictly hypoallergenic. E succinate is prepared from a soy-source vitamin E. However, the amounts of residual soy antigens in this product are very small. For those who don't have a soy sensitivity, Vitamin E succinate offers an exciting new dimension of the Vitamin E effect.