Clary Sage, High Sclareol

Clary Sage, High Sclareol
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Latin Name: salvia sclarea

Method of Production: hydrodiffusion

Plant Part: flowering plant

Class: ester

Country of Origin: USA

Rating Code: PF

Our Clary Sage has a fresh and delicate top-note which progresses into a rich sweet-herbaceous body-note of long duration. Its dry-out notes are balsamic-ambra-like, reminiscent of tobacco and sweet hay, tea-leaves, with unusual tenacity. The dry down is almost powdery and lovely.

The high sclareol content gives this Clary Sage essential oil powerful action for relieving menstrual discomfort in women as it has a balancing effect on hormones.

Dimensions of Clary Sage:

Awakens the subconscious to bring understanding of our purpose. A woman’s helper. Very relaxing and euphoric, lifts depression and soothes PMS. Also very helpful in balancing hormones.

a. Scentsation: Warm, nutty sweet herbal scent

b. Physical Healing: antiseptic, calmative, tonic, emmenagogic, anti-infectious, nervine

c. Emotional Healing: to encourage calm, confidence, grounding, regeneration, tranquility, revitalization, balance and restoration

Clary Sage blends well with most oils but is particularly enjoyable and effective blended with Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Orange and other citrus essential oils.