HempStart Botanical Morning Mix - jumpstart a powerful day

HempStart Botanical Morning Mix - jumpstart a powerful day
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HempStart Botanical Morning Mix ~ Jumpstart a Powerful Day

Easy to digest and satisfying for a long time this powerful morning mix is packed with potent raw ingredients that build health and vitality. But how does it taste? The choice of high quality raw ingredients makes it quite good, the play of cacao and spices making it easy to use every day.

I formulated this to use alone as a breakfast meal to help with weight management, and it's also great for anyone desiring additional protein, fiber, healthy fats and phytonutrients in their diet from vegan, non-soy and non-gmo plant sources.

Formula includes: Nutiva organic hemp protein(protein/fibre/omegas),Navitas organic raw cacao powder(antioxidants/flavor/energy), Navitas organic raw acai berry (antioxidants/flavor), organic chia seed(omegas/fibre), organic green tea(antioxidants/energy), organic yerba mate (antioxidants/energy, ramon nut (antioxidants/flavor), Pharmax HLC probiotics(improve digestion/assimilation), organic cinnamon/ginger/cayenne(antioxidants/essential oils that protect gut/improve digestion & assimilation/flavor), organic raw cane sugar(sweetener) & organic Zero(well tolerated natural no calorie sweetener).

Mix 4 tablespoons (30gm) into 8oz unsweetened hemp milk or other non-dairy beverage for a great high protein vegan meal replacement. Shake well in a shaker cup or use a blender. Add a banana for an extra delicious treat.