Thyme ct linalool

Thyme ct linalool
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Latin Name: thymus vulgaris ct linalool

Plant Part: flowering tops

Method of Production: steam distillation

Country of Origin: France

Rating Code: PF

Considered the safest of the Thyme chemotypes, this oil is vital in many anti-infectious blends.

Dimensions of Thyme ct linalool:

Strengthens and assists our physical being. A strong antiseptic that is mild on the skin. Used against candida fungus and bacterial infections. Pleasant tonic for nervous exhaustion.

a. Scentsation: Warm, herbal and rose floral scent.

b. Physical healing: analgesic, expectorant, antiseptic, anti-infectious, emmenagogic

c. Emotional Healing: to encourage balance, tolerance, courage, supportiveness, alertness and warmth