Rosemary ct verbenone, certified organic

Rosemary ct verbenone, certified organic
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Latin Name: rosemarinus officinalis ct verbenone

Plant Part: flowering top

Method of Production: steam distillation

Class: ketone

Country of Origin: Corsica

Rating Code: ECO certified organic

This Rosemary has a clean, classic verbenone aroma with refined tenacious dry outs. Small farms in Corsica supply a few hundred pounds a year from native plants. It is an excellent oil for aromatherapy. Some of the other natural chemical constituents include bornyl alcohol, alpha pinene, camphene, cineol, and camphor.

Dimensions of Rosemary ct verbenone:

Brings protection and healing energies. Stimulating and uplifting to the immune system. Useful in bronchitis, asthma, viral infections, depression and fatigue. Cell-regenerative used in skincare.

a. Scentsation: Has a clear, fresh herbaceous scent.

b. Physical Healing: antiseptic, stimulant, analgesic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, vulnerary, carminative, emmenagogic, antitussive, decongestant

c. Emotional Healing: to encourage energy, upliftment, confidence, clarity, concentration, stability, purification, and awareness

Blends with:

Oils with similar chemistry blend well especially Lavender and Eucalyptus.