Purifying Plants Facial Steam Synergy - enhance circulation & deep-clean pores

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Purifying Plants Facial Steam Synergy - Enhance Circulation & Deep Clean Pores

This facial steam is formulated to deep clean pores, detoxify skin and increase cell regeneration. This occurs naturally through increased blood circulation which carries away toxins and brings oxygen and nutrients and through the direct action of pure essential oils molecules on the cells.

Best results are obtained by adding 2-3 drops to the water in a facial steamer and steaming face and neck for 5-10 minutes. May also be added to hot bowl of water and tenting over head to retain vapors. Rinse face with cool water and continue with regimen. Repeat at least weekly.

Beneficial to all skin types, especially those prone to devitalized skin and acne breakouts.

Formula includes: 100% pure essential oil blend of thyme vulgaris ct linalool, *palmarosa and *lavendula angustifolia. * denotes certified organic

Packaged in Miron Violet glass bottle with european dropper cap.