Luscious Lip Balms - zippy mint, citrus splash, chili hot & simply

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Rich food for on your lips, not through them! Formulated with the most healing natural vegetable oils available with no unpronounceable synthetic additives.

Zippy Mint is a standard favorite with just enough fresh peppermint & spearmint essential oils to give a mild zip.

Citrus Splash is a big hit with the kids as it tastes yummy with grapefruit, lemon and orange pure essential oils.

Chili Hot Lips was formulated as a nonsynthetic alternative to the lip plumpers currently being marketed. It contains natural CO2 extraction of chili peppers blended with other luscious essential oils to bring a rosy, tingling circulation to your lips. Careful where you put it!

Simply is just that, all rich moisturizing vegetable oils with no added essential oils. This is nice before bed and for using on chapped skin other than the lips also.

Apply often to soften, hydrate and protect. Apply before rest to ensure waking with healthy hydrated lips. Keep in a cool spot.

Formula includes: vegetable oils of *coconut, shea butter, *jojoba, *hemp, meadowfoam, *castor; unrefined beeswax; stevia; 100% pure essential oil blend. *wild or certified organic.

Packaged in lip balm plastic tubes.